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Membership Levels

When we receive your membership donation, we'll use it to support the growth of people who desire to be contributors to society and simply need a nurturing environment to practice being the person they were designed to be.

When you support the work of CHAYAH you will receive a subscription to WHOLE: The Magazine for Your SOUL. The donations below are calculated by multiplying the cost of a daily sacrifice times 365 days. We'll be asking you to pledge a daily amount that will show as a recurring debit on the credit or debit card you choose to use. 


PayPal* Take the $1 a Day Challenge! We're looking for 70 people to pledge $7 a week for a full year! This will support the ministry of the gospel (purchase of bibles) for only $1 per day, or $7 per week, or $31 per month, totaling $364 per year. 

Treasure our Tribes

PayPal* We're seeking 12 people to support the food, clothing and utility bills for five men at $3.00 per day, $21 per week, or $91 per month totaling $1,092 per year.

Be In That Number!

PayPal* We're looking for 144 people to support construction of the industrial aquaponics garden for only $5 per day, $35 per week, or $152 per month, totaling $1,820 per year! 

Join the Jubilee

PayPal* When 50 people say Yes to Yah, then CHAYAH can build one 5-man cottage for $7 per day, $49 per week, or $213 per month, totaling $2,548 per year. 

Walk The Wilderness Journey

PayPal* Contribute to the living expenses of the four staff who will serve the 60 men living, working and worshiping at The Greenhouse for only $12 per day, $84 per week, or $364 per month, totaling $4,368 annually. 

Stir Up The Spirit

PayPal* Are you inspired by Haggai 1:8 and Haggai 1:14, proclaiming that community effort will have its perfect work? Then please, join the 114 people giving $243 per month ($18 per day or $56 per week, totaling $2,912 per year) to support the building of the meeting hall.

Love Leftover

PayPal* Give up your daily steak dinner in order to support the purchase of land on which to build the transitional community buildings for only $20 per day, $140 per week, or $607 per month -- totaling $7,280 per year. 

Cover the Covenant

PayPal* The Garden Covenant Prison Ministry needs 12 people pledging to give $243 per month ($56 per week or $2,912 per year) to conduct its highly effective reentry classes stimulating a new perspective through a spiritual approach to thriving after release. 

Join the Jubilee

Build one 5-man Cottage!

Price: $2,548.00

Daily Pledge:

$7 per day 

Weekly Pledge:

$49 per week

Join the Jubilee

Thank You For Your Help! Your Donation Changes Lives!

When you dedicate a daily sacrifice for one year, you support the day in, day out efforts of your brothers and sisters who desire to contribute to community. When you sacrifice anywhere from $1 per day to $20 per day, for at least a full year, you empower CHAYAH to cover the costs of revival for a generation of men returning to society after a time away fighting battles both personal and public.